• <h1>6 Ways To Transition Your Wardrobe For Fall</h1>
  • <h1>6 Ways To Transition Your Wardrobe For Fall</h1>

6 Ways To Transition Your Wardrobe For Fall

Falling Temps Are The Perfect Excuse To Elevate Your Style

The day after Labor Day can be a gloomy one. For many, it signals a return to school after a long summer of freedom. For others, it’s back to work after a long weekend. Regardless of which category you fall into, your days will soon be punctuated by falling temperatures. If you get excited about fall foliage, pumpkin spice lattes, and apple picking, then this is a glorious time of year for you. But for the style conscious guys out there, fall is exciting because it opens up a new world of fashion possibility.

Fall kicks off with New York Fashion Week, which is arguably the most anticipated Fashion Week in the world. September issues dominate the newsstands with all their double-issue prowess. The racks and shelves of our favorite stores are packed with sweaters, cords, and winter accessories as retailers gear up for the holiday shopping season. There isn’t just a change in the air. You can see fall everywhere you look.

The actual first day of fall isn’t until September 22. So despite the lifestyle shift indicated by Labor Day, there are still some hot and steamy days ahead. Much of the East Coast is enjoying a momentary splash of crisp fall air thanks to the remnants of Tropical Storm Hermine. But by the end of the week, temps will creep back into the low 90s. It’s this type of ebb and flow that defines fall-cool one day and sweltering the next. Fall is truly a transition season in which you need to pull from two different wardrobes.

September might be a little early to push all your shorts and tanks to the back of the closet. Especially if you reside on the west coast. However, whether you’re stripping off layers or pulling them on, there are some key ways that everyone can start gearing up for fall.

Warm Up Your Color Palette

To be clear, there aren’t steadfast rules about color. You’re always free to march to the beat of your own drum. But you might seem a little out of place rocking pastels in October. If seeming out of place is your thing, go with it. But most of us prefer to shift with the season.

Fall’s color palette is all about warmth. Neutrals. Earth tones. Jewel tones. Neutrals and earth tones work year-round, but in fall, they create the perfect canvas for rich color. Jewel tones are exactly what they sound like. They’re colors that look like jewels. More specifically, they’re colors that are modeled after the hues of precious stones like sapphire, emerald, and ruby. They take the basic colors of the rainbow and infuse them with a darker edge.

A lot of guys tend to rely on black and gray, which makes sense. There’s less sunlight and black outfits match the mood. Black also helps cover up what we like to call the “hibernation weight”. When you retire away your board shorts and beach days are a distant memory, the washboard abs become more of a landing pad. Nothing helps hide the weight gain like black. But this year, don’t fall into the dreary color trap.

Instead, work in some rich seasonally appropriate color like our Ripped Neppy Longline Crewneck T-shirt in Timber. One of the biggest color trends of the fall is copper. Copper is a mustard yellow offshoot that plays in two directions. Sometimes, it shows up as a more golden hue and at other times, it plays to the darker side. It’s closer to a gorgeous rust or a Dijon mustard. The Ripped Neppy falls into the latter category.

Switch Up Your Fabrics

Some of the changes to your fall wardrobe are purely for aesthetic pleasure. Changing your colors is pleasing to the eye and reflective of the changing environment. But it doesn’t necessarily achieve much else. Other changes you’ll make will be more functional. Making the switch to heavier fabrics is a move to keep you warm when the wind kicks up and the humidity drops.

Fall can be tricky because it gets cooler but not cold. You’ll need more layers but you won’t need a heavy winter coat until much later in the season. In order to stay warm without relying on outerwear, you need to opt for thicker fabrications that help you find the balance between function and style.

Cotton is still a major player in the fall, but you also need to start working in fabrics like wool, flannel, and tweed. As the official start of winter looms, cashmere is a great alternative, too. But one fall fabric that isn’t mentioned often is polyester. Polyester is a durable fabric that doesn’t let cold breezes cut through. It’s a thick layer that serves as ideal protection during the early period of fall.

Our Basic Crewneck Sweatshirt is 100% polyester and perfect for those crisp fall mornings. Be it a walk across campus for 8 a.m. class or an early evening get-together with friends, this sweatshirt helps you avoid bulky coats and jackets to stay warm.

Layer Up

Staying warm on the cooler fall days can often call for creativity. While it’s not quite cold enough to break out the topcoat, you may need multiple layers to battle the falling temps. Like Spring, you’ll probably also need removable layers once you get a little warmer. In general, layering gives you flexibility. You can change your look throughout the day while always looking fresh and stylish.

Our Longline Hooded Muscle Tank Top is a lightweight sleeveless hoodie made of 100% cotton. On its own, it’s a strong late summer shirt to help show off your hard work in the gym. But it’s also works as the ultimate layering piece. Thrown over a long-sleeve tee like our Cali Bear Camo Raglan Crewneck or the Paisley Long Sleeve Raglan, you’ll have some added warmth. Plus, you’ll be paying tribute to California skate and surf style with on-trend patterns. If you get warm, you can take off the hoodie and the long sleeve tees stand alone.

Layering is a functional style move that takes your style up a notch while keeping you warm.

Invest In A Denim Jacket

It’s likely your summer didn’t include a lot of denim. Because let’s face it, denim is a thick cotton that makes for an uncomfortable, sticky situation when it’s hot. The great thing about fall is that denim emerges as a necessity. The sturdy thickness of the fabric is exactly what you should be looking for to battle the big chill. But instead of jeans, consider rocking some denim above the waist for a change.

Denim jackets are a wardrobe staple. The represent the very best of badass Americana style. They’ve been associated with everything from the bad boys of classic cinema to the style mavens of today. One of the great things about them is the character they develop over time. When you first slide into a denim jacket, there’s a stiffness unlike anything you’ve ever felt. But as you wear them more and more and wash them repeatedly, the fabric softens. The color starts to shift. The jackets themselves tend to develop personality. Like great leather jackets, they shift and change with you, serving as artifacts in the story of your life.

We offer a big variety of denim jackets perfect for every guy regardless of the climate he lives in. The Dark Wash Hooded Denim Jacket gives you the classic style of the denim jacket mixed with the casual functionality of the hoodie. The Button Down Trucker Denim Jacket is the classic application. And the Distressed Medium Wash Denim Vest is the lighter alternative that gives you greater layering capability while drawing from the biggest distressing trends in denim.

Get A Transitional jacket

As important as layering is, there are some days where you’ll just need a jacket. And that’s okay. You won’t always want to feel like the star of a fashion show with new combinations. A great jacket can give you the warmth you need and provide style all on its own. No assist needed.

Some things you’ll want to look for in your transitional jacket are thicker fabrication, waist length, and fall colors or patterns. For obvious reasons, a thicker fabrication is necessary. Your primary objective is to stay warm when you encounter some unexpected chill. The jacket length is less about function and more about aesthetic. At this point in the year, there’s really no purpose for a ¾-length jacket. You’ll likely be wearing thicker pants to keep your lower half warm. Plus, waist length jackets help keep your look steeped in streetwear. Any longer and you risk moving into different sartorial territory. And as far as fall colors and patterns go, go dark. You want this jacket to evoke fall feels, and you can’t do that with brights.
Our Point Collar Plaid Flannel Zip Up Jacket hits all these notes just right. It’s 100% cotton, which can be warmer than you think when paired with a jacket lining. It sits right at the waist for a crisp, clean look. And the classic flannel pattern is equal parts lumbersexual and classic fall.

Wear Black Differently

For those of you who depend on black during the colder months, the good news is that you still can. Just do it differently this season. Instead of rocking all-black looks with no variation, try to mix it up. Monochromatic looks have had a big moment in men’s fashion for the last year or so. But those looks aren’t as trend-setting in fall as they are depressing.

Instead, infuse your black with other colors to help brighten things up. Our Basic Varsity Striped Long Sleeve Crewneck Shirt flips the traditional basic black tee on its head. The sleeves are accented with single white stripes, and the bottom of the tee is colorblocked with white. The Gold USA Flag Stars Longline T-shirt is heavily accented with metallic gold stars and stripes. The Ripped Camo Longline T-shirt is colorblocked with camo along the hemline and accented with camo on the breast pocket.

What all of these shirts show is a full embrace of black but in a fresh, new way. Black will always be an in-demand color because of its slimming capabilities and its matching versatility. But just because it works on its own doesn’t mean it’ll never need a boost.

Transitioning your wardrobe to fall is really an affair that’s all about taking some risks while balancing out your new functional needs. To review:

-Warm up your color palette with a mix of jewel tones, earth tones, and neutrals
-Incorporate thicker fabrics into your collection; don’t rule out lesser celebrated options like polyester
-Layer your looks for more versatility throughout unpredictable fall days
-Invest in a denim jacket for classic, American fall style
-Look for a transitional jacket with waist length, a fall pattern, and thicker fabrication
-Keep wearing black but infuse it with brighter colors and adventurous patterns

Fall is one of the most exciting periods in men’s fashion because you get to show off your range. After a summer spent in tanks and shorts, the stylistic possibilities become endless. One of the best parts of streetwear is its versatility. When looks are layered and pieces are paired back to others, it creates new dimensions. Adding new layers can take streetwear looks from simplistic or pedestrian to high fashion.

Many guys get stuck in the pitfalls of fall dressing, often favoring comfort and warmth over style. But it’s more than possible to stay warm while reflecting a true sense of style. Fall doesn’t have to be boring. Despite the darkening of color, it’s one of the most exciting seasons of the year, if not the most exciting. It can be easy to get trapped in the fall doldrums when it comes to your looks, but it’s just as easy to avoid them. With a few helpful tips, you can keep your style alive when the leaves die and reign as a fall style MVP.

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