Show Off Your American Pride In Style With Flag Fashion

The Fourth of July is less than two weeks away, and now more than ever, flag fashion is in style. Aside from the usual push for patriotic gear by your favorite brands, this is an election year. In times of political turmoil, showing your American pride on your clothing isn’t just about celebrating a holiday. It’s truly a representation of your love for your country and its democracy. But that being said, there’s a right way to pull off this celebratory style move.

Mix It Up
The biggest patriotic fashion mistake is playing it safe. Quite often, we see many straightforward applications of the American flag on t-shirts. There’s no design flare. There’s no variation or modern updates. Don’t be afraid of opting for a t-shirt that puts a more abstract spin on America’s freedom symbol. Our Vintage USA ¾ Sleeve Raglan flips the flag vertically and colors it black and white. You can show your love for the US while staying on trend.

Get Graphic
Flag fashion isn’t just about wearing the flag. Some of the strongest and most stylish applications of patriotic style involve the incorporation of other American symbols like the dollar. Our Dollar American Flag Crewneck T-shirt makes a bold statement by combining both the flag and the dollar. You’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd with this vivid original design.

Put The Flag Everywhere
Expressions of patriotism aren’t just limited to your upper half. Your shorts or joggers can also serve as a fashion forward plate for your American statement. Items like our American Flag Drawstring Jogger Shorts and American Flag Eagle Drawstring Jogger Shorts help celebrate the Fourth with a mixture of grit, edge, and style.

Flag fashion isn’t just about grabbing a cheap, poorly made tee from the nearest drugstore. You can express your style and individuality in a bold way while paying tribute to the USA.

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